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Well, based on my personality, its up to you to decide because people have different thinking, that's fair,aye?
I make mistakes, even everyone does. So what makes you think I'm perfect? You've only seen the negative side of me. How about the positive side of me? Don't judge a book by its cover. Nobody's perfect. Neither am I!(:
Its better to fake a smile than explaining to everyone your unhappiness(: Just smile peeps, it would make the world a better place♥

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I'm tired of giving in all the time. Being left out. Being treated unfairly. I feel like I'm being used. I hate it a lot. I'm really trying my best to keep quiet & suffer in silence. It seems that I have tolerated enough, its time I had let y'know how I felt.

So it’s over, yeah we’re through , So Imma unfriend you .

You’re the best I ever knew , So I will unfriend you , 
'Cause I should have known right from the start , 
I’m deleting you right from my heart , 
Yeah, it’s over , my last move is to unfriend you .” -
A true friend is like a secret diary you can tell them anything and they don’t judge you or open to any one but you.

I fake a smile to hide my tears♥

I fake a smile to hide my tears

Bitch sial you. Keep sucking up to people, with those words. BWEKKKKK. You go & get a life lar. So fucking bitchy. You pretty so what, very dua huh? You pretty on the outside what’s the point when your attitude sucks? Pretty, big shot ah huh? Buay song then say lar, dare to show why don’t dare admit? Chibai, low-life lar. You yourself also committed the same mistake right? -‘-. Slap your face up,down,left,right uh. Nabei.




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